The Team

Jerry & Mel

At the age of 18 months, Jerry started suffering from severe eczema and asthma. At three years old, he was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. The condition has followed him into adulthood, but thanks to a carefully curated exclusion diet, he is now relatively symptom-free. What’s more, he’s developed a love for free-from cooking!

After meeting Jerry, Mel has found that even her diet can be restricted by Jerry’s allergies. A food lover, she often misses the ease and flexibility of dining out. We’re forever reminded of the socio-psychological impacts of such an “invisible disability”. When it comes to social occasions, we know the anxiety and have had too many meals and drinks end with a trip to A&E.

We’ve always dreamed of stepping into a food establishment in the assurance that we would be listened to by attentive staff and that our meal would be prepared to the highest allergy-friendly standards. This is why our project was born.