Jerry’s Allergies

A central list of all of my food allergies! I’ve gone for a traffic-light system:

  • red – severe life-threatening allergies;
  • amber – moderate/mild allergies to foods that I can usually tolerate in small amounts;
  • green – no allergy;
  • red-amber – allergies to foods in their raw form.

I hope this list will be of use to the family, friends and professionals who cater for me, and demonstrate that there are plenty of yummy wholesome meals that can be concocted from foods in the green list!

Severe allergy (risk of anaphylaxis):
  • egg (except egg lysozyme in cheese)
  • peanuts
  • nuts
  • molluscs
  • crustaceans (shellfish)
  • fish
  • poultry (i.e. chicken, turkey, duck)*

I avoid all products with “may contain x“/”made in a factory handling x“/”made on a line using x“/”not suitable for x allergy sufferers” labels for these foods.

*Poultry is not one of the 14 major allergens that have to be emphasised by law. Extra attention is therefore required where poultry might be used, such as in gravies, stocks, frying grease (duck fat) or pâtés.

Moderate to mild allergy (e.g. risk of urticaria, vomiting, mild asthma attack, eczema):
  • wheat (tolerated in small amounts)
  • soya (tolerated in small amounts)
  • coconut
  • mushrooms
  • legumes (including common beans i.e. white (haricot) beans, green beans, runner beans)
No allergy:
  • milk (butter, cream, yoghurt, cheese)
  • tubers (including potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, yam)
  • meat (anything with four legs i.e. pork, mutton/lamb, beef, rabbit, horse, porcupine!)
  • rice, maize/corn, pearl barley, quinoa, oats, flax/linseed, teff
  • most vegetables (see exceptions)
  • alliums (onions, garlic, shallots, leeks, chives)
  • most fruit (see exceptions)
  • salt, pepper, herbs, spices (including mustard), ginger
  • sunflower, linseed, pine nuts, rapeseed
Allergy to raw forms only:
  • celery, carrots
  • apples, bananas


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